Find Your Zone of Genius

Take this quiz to gain deeper self-awareness and be able to answer two questions, what you’re best at and what will give you purpose.

Part 1 will help you name your Genius and the way you work best, along with providing you with your Genius name category. There are four potential Genius categories (Visionary, Driver, Builder, and Maximizer).

Part 2 will help articulate your Purpose.

This is a meaty 3 question quiz (est. 15-20 minutes of your time), but worth it!

Once you have the language to talk about your Genius and Purpose, confidence and clarity abound, and your life and career will never be the same. We are excited for you to get started!

Don’t forget to save your results by taking a screenshot as you go so you can reference them later. You can share them with your colleagues and add your Genius name certification to your LinkedIn profile.